Friday, May 1, 2009

Greenleaf Day 19 - cabinets

There are no pictures today.

Last night we went to a few stores in search of things for the shack. We stopped by Radio Shack to see if they had any power jacks, since I 'borrowed' the one I am using from Ed's stash and I really should get him one to replace it. The bin at Radio Shack was empty. We will probably order a supply from Mouser so that there will be some on hand next time I want one. I did buy some alligator clips while I was there. The pimply-faced sales clerk asked me if I found everything, and I told him no because they were out of what I needed. He didn't seem concerned. Yep, ordering from Mouser sounds better than shopping at Radio Shack.

Next we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and purchased a placemat for an experiment. Then we stopped in Michaels to see if the store had the wood I needed. No luck. So, we went to Ace, since I remembered seeing a Midwest wood display there. I found what I needed. The selection there is okay. I miss the hobby store (which closed) since they had a pretty good selection of basswood, including some moldings.

Last night, before shopping, I glued some cabinet parts together. Today, I cut more wood and glued some more parts together.

Today's favorite tool: Lego blocks (and their nice right angles) used as gluing jigs.

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MiniKat said...

Lego blocks are great for gluing! I brought my old ones home last year as something for the neighbor kids to play with when I'm watching them and I've since reclaimed them and stashed the bag in my workroom. ;-)