Sunday, May 3, 2009

Greenleaf Day 21 - stain and paint

Today was another day spent doing other things, so I did not get much done on the shack. I put stain on the cabinet pieces and moved them to the garage so we don't have to smell them as they dry. I started to paint/texture the upstairs walls.

Ed was really hoping to stay home today but I told him we had to go out. We took some stuff to the recycling center, then we headed over to East City Park to the Renaissance Fair. Even though it rained all night last night, and the ground was wet, muddy, and very slippery, the park was crowded. It seems to rain every year for Ren Fair, but it never seems to dampen people's spirits. We walked along all the aisles, and stopped in some booths. I saw some pottery I liked, but it was not in my budget. We did buy some scented goat milk soap, some for Ed's mom, and some for us. I also made a donation at the Humane Society's booth, and took home a jar of mix for Baked Tuna Bars. Now, doesn't that sound delicious? There were 3 choices for flavors for dog treats, and only 1 for cats. Lori (who was one of the women 'manning' the booth) told us that they tested the recipes on the shelter animals. The dogs approved of all 3 dog recipes they tried, but the cats determined that only the Baked Tuna Bars were worthy. After we got home, we washed the mud off our shoes, I started laundry, I made lunch, then I finally got to play in my room.

Today's favorite tool: Stain markers. Not really a tool, but the way the stain is dispensed makes staining little things less messy.


Mary said...

I've visited the Renaissance Fair in my town three times but not once have I dared dress up. Maybe next time I'll go as a brazen Scottish wench.

I stained some bookcases and wood flooring today and they are also emitting their fumes out in the garage.

MiniKat said...

I used to sew costumes for the Renaissance choir at my university. Loved it!

Love using stain markers too, when I can get away with it. When I can't, I have found that gel stains are great because to get much more control than water-based stains and less headache than oil-based stains.