Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Greenleaf Day 37 - paint, glue

I spent time decluttering our full-scale bedroom and living room today, and I did many loads of laundry. So, only about half an hour was spent in my room, playing. I sanded and put another coat of paint on the door's interior side, and I put a coat of paint on the door's exterior window trim, which is not glued to the door yet. I also glued the counter top to the cabinet. After the glue sets, I will glue some braces on the inside of the cabinet, to provide a larger gluing surface. It isn't as if the cabinet will get a lot of wear and tear, but there really isn't much glue holding the whole thing together right now.

Today's favorite tool: a glass cutting mat (mine is a piece of glass that measures around 9x9 inches), which I used for painting small pieces. Paint scrapes off the surface, so cleanup is easy.

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Mary said...

It's funny how mini-lingo bleeds over into real life like when you address reality as "full-scale!"

Thank you for the response to my paper clay question--the secret project is coming along..