Friday, May 29, 2009

Greenleaf Day 47 - roof and quiescence

Today I put some more paint on the large corrugated roof piece. I do like the way it is looking.

This may be my last post about the Greenleaf shack for awhile. Until I hear from Greenleaf, I have no way of knowing if the lower roof will be corrugated or not. Ed suggested that I not glue the big roof piece in place until I have a similar piece of corrugated cardboard on hand. Even if Greenleaf comes though with another piece, we cannot be sure that it will look the same as the piece I have been painting for the larger roof section. I will listen to my man's advice. I think he must know how much I hate undoing things, so it is indeed better to wait. So, this shack will be a UFO, but not due to lack of motivation. It is a UFO due to a lack of supplies!

I plan on starting on items for the interior of the shack, but I will not be posting daily updates about those.

Today's favorite tool: foam paint brush (again)

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