Saturday, May 9, 2009

Greenleaf Day 27 - upper floor trims

The Nerd had to work today. He did get to sleep in a bit, then we had some time to run some errands (post office to get a stack of Forever stamps, pay city bill, trip to recycling) and then have a quick brunch. He wanted to go to McD's to get a sausage McMuffin. (One a year is not gonna kill us, and I refuse to make them at home.) As we were getting in the car to leave, I felt like I was going to throw up. The feeling did not pass, and I did throw up. Good thing we have a wastebasket in the car, and that I could grab it in time! By the time we got home, I felt fine. Weird! I haven't been sick like that in ages. I think that was set me off was someone's perfume. We walked by people on the way out and I noticed perfume, then I noticed feeling sick. Ed said that the first group of people we walked by were stinky with perfume. So it was unpleasant to him too, but he didn't react like I did. Usually people's perfumes cause a fit of sneezing, not a fit of upchucking! I told Ed that I must be turning into a cat. Eat with enthusiasm, vomit, feel fine, then get on with the day.

Since Ed was gone most of the day, my day was fairly unstructured. Between spring cleaning and reading for pleasure, I sanded and painted, sanded and painted, and finally got the last coats of paint put on the shack's window trims and baseboards that I had started a few days ago. Then I finally got to glue the upstairs trims in place!

While the glue dries, I have a bit of pressure applied to the baseboards so that they are less inclined to warp. I did this by taping pieces of scrap wood pressed up to the centers of the long baseboards. Not much pressure is needed. For the window trims, I got to try out our (my) new clamps! The red one and goldenrod one in the set didn't get to be used, since the window opening was filled with clamps. Whenever I use clamps, I place pieces of scrap wood between the clamp and the surface it is clamping, especially if the gripping part of the clamp is textured. This prevents denting the piece. It spreads the load, kind of like snowshoes for clamps.

Today's favorite tool: The new clamps, of course.

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MiniKat said...

I really like the texture of the walls in the upstairs. Cool clamps, btw. ;-)