Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Greenleaf Day 30 - more wiring

Today, I worked more with the wiring.

The upstairs lights were glued firmly in place, so I could do something with the wire tails sticking through the wall.

First, I untwisted the wires and made sure there were no kinks. Then I threaded the wires through the holes at the bottom of the wall that I had drilled before the walls were erected. I had drilled the holes at the same time I had made the grooves in the wall.

Next, I put tacky glue in the grooves and pressed the wires into them. I used masking tape to press the wire in place, making sure the wires were flush with or below the surface of the wall. The tape keeps the glue off fingers (and splinters out of fingers), but allows a person to feel the wire while pressing it in place. It also holds the wire in place until the glue sets.

About an hour later, I glued the siding pieces in place. I had cut and stained them when I put on the rest of the siding. I also installed a coach light near the door. I glued it's wires in place, on the inside of the wall. Most of the wire will be covered by the door trim, but one small section will not be covered. I put wood putty over the wire in the groove. Texture and paint should disguise it quite nicely. I left that part of the interior wall unfinished, and I can get back to texturing and painting the walls after the putty is dry.

I also put putty on the door piece, while I had putty mixed.

All wires for all lights have been run down to the bottom of the shack. The connections can be made to the power jack at any time. This will get done when I can get the Nerd to do it for me. He solders much more neatly than I do. Until then, I have the wires taped out of the way.

Today's favorite tool: Blue painter's tape

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MiniKat said...

I may con my code monkey into soldering for me when I try doing round wire on the Orchid when I get it together.