Sunday, May 10, 2009

Greenleaf Day 28 - not much

I spent only a few minutes with the shack today, due to lack of time. Other than the regular chores, I helped Ed clean up the garage (so we could get to the ladder), and him helping me take down the Christmas lights (which required the ladder) and him helping me cut out 1.5 trees in the yard. The tree branches are now in a big pile by the driveway, so the project is still not done. About twice a year, I wish we had a pickup truck. :-) The pile can sit for two weeks. I expect that Ed's brother will drive his truck when he comes to visit for Memorial Day weekend.

For the little shack, I removed the clamps from the window, glued the rest of the upstairs baseboard pieces in place, and did some touch-up painting. I then discussed a roof issue with Ed. The corrugations for the short roof go the wrong way, and it has bugged me for days. I didn't even have to explain the problem to Ed. I plunked the roof piece in place and he picked it up and turned it 90 degrees, and saw that it does not fit. I wish that Greenleaf had made that piece of roof material 1 inch wider. We searched the house and garage for something else to use, and came up with nothing. So, do I put the roof on 'wrong' (and let it bug me and bug Ed and bug all people who have even a small understanding of construction and the laws of gravity and fluid dynamics), lop off the end and piece together a new roof, or put some other kind of roofing material on the short roof? Or do I contact Greenleaf and tell them there is an error in their design and request a new piece? Yeah, right.

Today's favorite tool: rope for hauling tree branches up the hill. (I could have said the chainsaw was my favorite tool, but I didn't operate the thing. It scares me.)


MiniKat said...

I've opted to not use the corrugated roof pieces at all. I didn't like the way they looked or the fact that the smaller piece doesn't fit right. I've chosen aluminum as an alternative, but haven't gotten any further than looking up designs.

Alice said...

Good to know that I am not the only one who realized the smaller piece does fit right. Hmmm, if you are not using yours, can I purchase the bigger one from you? It is big enough for the small roof. :-)

It will be neat to see your aluminum roof. And it will be neat to see what other people have done, when the contest is over.