Monday, May 25, 2009

Greenleaf Day 43 - finished wiring, misc progress

The house guests left today, so after the linens were laundered and put away, I didn't feel one bit guilty for playing in my room.

I asked the Nerd if he could solder the lights' wires today, and he was okay with doing it. He made the connection in the attic between the fluorescent lights fixture and the wire that runs down the wall, and he connected all 4 light fixtures to the jack near the bottom of the shack.

This is the view of the jack from the main floor room. The jack will never be seen from this angle again, since I glued the cabinet in place over it.

This is how the shack looks from the bottom. After the wires were soldered, I make some little brackets to hold the wires in place. I gathered pieces of scrap wood and cut notches in the wood, which fit over a bundle of wires. I glued these little 'bridges' to the bottom of the shack, and they will keep the wires neatly in place. It isn't pretty, but who looks at the bottom of scenes?

Today I also glued the exterior door trims in place, cut baseboards for the main floor (after the cabinet was glued in place), and messed around with the upstairs ceiling some more.

Last night, I had installed the door after posting my day's progress. The front of the shack is starting to look more finished. I will glue the upper window in place, after the roof goes on. I want to leave that window open for a while longer since I may need the edges to be a place to put clamps.

Blue is not a color I ever grab first. So, the blue door is out of my comfort zone. My first thought was to make it green, but when I look around at my finished projects, I see that a lot of them are green! I thought about using red, but that was too ordinary. Then I was considering painting it purple, but decided that it was a bit too non-traditional. So, I considered blue, and decided that it looked okay with both the siding and the interior of the shack. Why do I agonize over paint colors so much? It took me two years to settle on a paint color when I painted our guest room furniture. (I chose a restful hue of green for that project, and I am still pleased with my choice.)

Today's favorite tool: Soldering iron, and the Nerd who operated it.


MiniKat said...

I really like the blue door! :-)

Jean Day said...

I sure agree with the blue door, it is perfect with the color of the boards! It has a great solid door look.

Mini Hugs, Jean