Monday, May 11, 2009

Greenleaf Day 29 - upper cabinet installation, upstairs lights

Today, I glued a ceiling over the attic space that is open to the upstairs room. (It doesn't show in today's pictures.) I have decided to call that little area the attic storage space.

Downstairs, I glued the upper cabinet in place. I cannot install the window trim until the cabinet is in place, since I will have to cut off part of the molding to make it fit next to the cabinet. You can see that I didn't bother painting the wall where the lower cabinet will go. I didn't paint behind the upper cabinet either. Not only did it save effort, but bare wood will hold glue better than a painted surface.

Upstairs, I started to install the lights. I had drilled holes through the walls so the wires could be run outside. To install the lights, I removed the plugs by pulling out the prongs, then I threaded the wires through the holes in the wall. I don't trust the sticker-type adhesive that comes with the lights to stay sticking forever, so I attached the lights to the wall with E6000 glue. I shall leave the shack lying on it's front side until the glue has set, which will be tomorrow. Gravity will hold the lamps in place. If I set the shack upright, I will worry about the lamps sliding down the wall.

I wonder, how do people install lights like this if tape wire is being used?

Today's favorite tool: Pliers, to pull prongs from the lights' plugs.


MiniKat said...

There are adapters for using carriage lights, chandeliers, and other non-table or floor lamps for tape wire.

I like those lights, btw. :-)

Mary said...

I think this house is getting a little too fancy to be labeled a "shack" any further!