Monday, May 4, 2009

Greenleaf Day 22 - paint and attic wall

Today I put more paint on the walls, and I also cut a small wall out of mat board. The wall will go in the attic area and will block off the attic from the rest of the upstairs. I put some texture and paint on it, then glued it in place. I also brought in the cabinet parts from the garage and re-glued a part that that came off while I was applying stain. Then I made some cabinet and drawer pulls for the cabinets by bending some pins that are used for beading. I bent them into U-shapes. I will drill holes in the drawer fronts and cabinet doors and will inset the pulls through the holes. I decided to make pulls since I didn't have any beads in my stash that looked like they would work for knobs. I will try to take a picture of the cabinet parts soon. I do need to pick a color for a counter top (which I have not cut yet), so the pictures may come as a plea for help in choosing colors. :-)

While paint was drying, I worked on making some cards. I had to move shack parts off my paper cutter. At least the shack project has not migrated to my stamping table (too much).

Today's favorite tools: Straight edge and X-acto knife (for cutting mat board, and cutting card stock for cards.)

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