Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Greenleaf Day 44 - painting

Last night I started painting the baseboards for the main floor. Today I put more paint on them, and hope to finish painting them this evening. There really isn't much more construction to do with the shack, except figure out what the heck I am gonna do about the roof. I haven't even experimented with painting the corrugated stuff yet. I am tempted to try spray paint, but spray paint and I have never had a good relationship, and I don't see that changing now.

Last night I also glued most of the upstairs ceiling in place. After some paint dries, I should be able to finish gluing it.

Today's favorite tool: My paintbrush with the red handle that I have had since college. (I bought it to paint a unicorn on my dorm room wall. In case you are curious...the residence halls people did allow us to paint our walls.)

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MiniKat said...

I painted a series of scenes from The Lion King on my walls. We had an unofficially Disney themed wing in the dorms.