Thursday, April 30, 2009

Greenleaf Day 18 - cutting cabinet parts

Today I started cutting pieces of basswood to build the built-in cabinet that will be in the corner. I still need to buy some more wood to make the cabinet doors.

I also put some more paint on the lower floor walls. I am not sure I like the Michaels brand of craft paint since it does not seem to cover as well as Delta's Ceramcoat paints. Ceramcoat is my favorite brand of craft acrylic paint, but I thought I would give the Michaels stuff a try.

Today's favorite tool: miterbox and saw


MiniKat said...

I've never used the Michael's brand. I always seem to end up with Delta.

Mary said...

I started out with the Michael's brand and was just happy with it until I discovered the Delta Ceramcoat...I'm never using anything else but Delta. It goes on so smoothly and requires less coats in my short experience.

kathi said...

I agree with you about the Michael's craft paint. I just bought some and it didn't cover well at all! I should have splurged on the Dream Coat paint! I really like the cabinet you are making. I want to make some too. You make it look fairly easy?