Friday, May 8, 2009

Greenleaf Day 26 - cabinet doors, drawers, hardware

Today I installed the handles on the cabinet doors and drawers, and glued the doors and drawer fronts to the cabinet. The drawers and cabinets have no need to open, so I didn't bother making real drawers nor interior shelves. There are no backs to the cabinets either, since the cabinets will be glued into the shack.

As I explained earlier, I made the door and drawer handles by bending beading pins into U shapes. To install them, I marked holes then used a pin vice to drill holes through the wood. I then inserted both ends of each U through the wood, pushing the pull snugly against a piece of 3/32 wood placed under the U. The piece of wood ensures that the fronts of the handles are all the same distance from the fronts of the doors and drawers. I bent the pins in the back, then I used Crazy Glue to hold them in place. Since the Crazy Glue was open, I used it to glue the drawer fronts and doors to the cabinets.

I still need to cut a top for the lower cabinet, and decide what color to paint it.

Today's Favorite tool: My Tim Holtz Design Ruler, which is from my stamping tools. It has evenly spaced holes which can be used as a guide to pierce paper or to line up holes for brads, eyelets, etc. For this application, I used it to mark the holes for my drawer and door handles. It was easy to space the handles evenly from the sides of the doors.

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MiniKat said...

Fantastic cabinets! You did a great job. :-)