Saturday, May 30, 2009

Starting making stuff for inside the shack

Today I started working on building stuff to go in the shack. I am not going to say what the shack will be yet. You are free to make guesses.

Here is the start of the main thing that will be in the shack:

I am making mortise and tenon joints. Plus they are pinned, so I am testing my sanity. The tenons (tongues) go through the mortises (holes). The tenons have slots cut in them so that little wedges can be driven in, making the joints tight. The wedges can also be removed so the thing can be disassembled. At least it will look like it can be taken apart. I may glue the joints, since I won't want people to try to take it apart.

I have seen shelves constructed with pinned mortise and tenon joints at vendor booths at places like the Renaissance Fair. The joints are strong, but the pins can be removed and shelves can be removed from the uprights so that everything can be made flat for easier travel.

Today's favorite tool: file with a square shape (cross-section), for help in making mortises


Anonymous said...

Shelves hey, can't wait to see the rest...
Carry on

Mary said...

My Micro-Mark Weather-It and Blacken-It orders finally came in the mail! Thank you for posting pictures of the results of using the solutions. Now, I'm off to investigate their interesting catalogue that was included.