Thursday, May 7, 2009

Greenleaf Day 25 - interior trims

Today I started painting the window and door trims, and the baseboards which I cut out yesterday. I put on one coat of paint, then sanded it, and have started the second coat. I also did a bit of touch-up with the varnish I have been putting on the cabinets.

Instead of spending time being crafty today, I had my nose in a book for about an hour, then I spent time in the kitchen. I made up the baked tuna bars cat treats mix I purchased at the Ren Fair last weekend. The instructions did not say to use a greased pan. Arrgh! I hate scraping food off things. I don't think the treats came out the way they were supposed to. I was supposed to be able to roll the dough, but after I mixed the stuff, it was more like cake batter, so I put dollops of the stuff on the cookie sheets. (Actually, it looked like cat vomit before baking. Now it looks like dried cat vomit.) I offered a treat to Pooh and he seemed mildly interested, but didn't eat it. I did offer it about an hour after he ate dinner, so he probably was not hungry. Pooh is not one to eat for the sake of eating, unless he is offered salad shrimp or "Temptations"(tm) cat treats. I put the treat in one of the cats' bowls, and will see if it disappears.

While the oven was hot, I made lemon squares too. Those are for the humans in the house! I have been craving them since the quilt show 2.5 weeks ago. (There are always refreshments at the quilt show--punch, coffee, and homemade cookies.) I managed to grab a lemon square at the quilt show, but it was underbaked, so it was not satisfying at all.

Today's favorite tool: The square plastic scraper tool that comes with Pampered Chef bakeware. It works pretty well for getting food crud off other pans too.

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MiniKat said...

I keep thinking I want to bake and then it's too darn hot. Lemon bars sound really good.

Our kitties don't get treats do to their allergies. So we let them think their approved wet food is a treat and give it sparingly. So far they love it. :-)