Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tigger and Pooh

Tigger and Pooh celebrate their birthday today. They are 13 years old. There are now teenagers in the house!

We will be having a party of sorts tonight. I always make tuna something on or around the boys' birthday so that they can have tuna straight from the can. Since PawPaw will be home long after their dinner time, they get to eat dinner as usual. They both take eating very seriously.

Pooh gets canned food for dinner. Tigger gets prescription dry food.

Usually, Tigger tries to eat Pooh's food, but today Pooh finished his dinner and decided he wanted to eat more.

Tigger will share, but not readily. Can you see his foot on his brother's head?

These boys bring so much joy to my life. I am wishing them many more birthdays!


MiniKat said...

Happy birthday, Tigger and Pooh! May you both have many, many more. :-)

Mary said...

Happy Belated-Birthday, Tigger and Pooh!! I'm with Tigger--canned food looks much tastier than RX dry stuff ;)