Friday, May 15, 2009

Greenleaf Day 33 - window trims

Since making a card took longer today than I planned, I did not get much done with the shack. I did glue the main floor's interior window trim in place, and I glued the interior door window trim in place. (I had cut little frames to go around the opening in the door yesterday.) I also put the first coat of paint on the counter's top.

Kat asked to see a picture of the balsa stripper that mentioned using yesterday. Instead of photographing it, here is a link to the Wood Strip Cutter at Micromark's web site. Not only is there a picture, but a description! Micromark calls it a wood strip cutter. I called it a balsa stripper, because that is the name that is embossed on the tool. I have found that when ripping strip wood into narrow pieces, it is easier for me to use a metal ruler and an X-acto knife. I have cut 4-inch wide sheets of basswood into narrow planks, when accuracy wasn't super important, like to make floor boards for a rustic floor or a porch. It was a less expensive alternative to purchasing the narrower strips.

Today's favorite tool: a square, to help align window trims.

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MiniKat said...

The only painting I did today was on a real house.