Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Greenleaf Day 38 - paint

Today, my creative time went to making a card. So, the only thing I did with the shack was put some touch-up paint on the door. I also located the instructions (on my desk near the computer) and moved them to the table in my craft room where I am building the shack. I forgot there were assembly instructions. Not that I ever follow 'em anyway. I think of them more as guidelines than instructions. :-)

Today's favorite tool: a finger for dabbing paint on the door. I didn't even get out a paintbrush!


MiniKat said...

Hehe! Fingers are such useful tools. :-)

Mary said...

Any finger paintin' tot would agree with your favorite tool for today!

Mary said...

Alice, I honored your nice blog again with 2 more awards! I know you said that you don't participate in blog awards, but it's my joy to recognize Double Purr at least on my own blog! Let me know if you'd rather I not do so again in the future--it's completely understandable and no problem at all! :-)