Monday, April 13, 2009

Starting work on the Greenleaf kit

Today I punched out the main pieces (walls and floors) of the Greenleaf 'bungalow'. I sanded the pieces and checked them for fit, then I clamped and taped them all together to make sure everything fits.

A couple of the tabs and slots needed adjustment. The tabs for one of the floor pieces were too long, so I trimmed them down. (It is easier to cut them now than to sand them flush after the pieces have been glued together.) The slot for the upper floor on the short side wall (see below) was in the wrong place. It was positioned about a half slot-width too low. I made the slot taller, and when I glue the parts together, I will make sure to push the floor upwards into the slot. I will fill/disguise the gap later.

I am surprised that everything fit so well. I have done die-cut kits in the past where I had to make many adjustments to make things fit to my satisfaction.

Today's favorite tool: Brass bar clamps


MiniKat said...

Yeah I had the same problem with needing to trim tabs. Other than that it was a very smooth construction.

Mary said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with, Alice! I'm having some trouble with tab-and-slot assembly not fitting properly as well.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Alice, the structure is up, the roof shape is so interesting.
Looking forward to seeing more...