Monday, April 27, 2009

Greenleaf Day 15 - siding finished

The siding has all been glued onto the exterior walls! Weather-It has been applied to all of it too.


I also installed the fascia board at the end of the 'rafters'. I had put veneer on the back side and bottom of the fascia board before connecting it to the shack. When I glued the board in place, I drilled holes through the fascia board into the rafters and pushed some sequin pins through the holes. I have a feeling that the overhang may get bumped around in the future, so the pins should make it a bit more durable. After it was glued in place, I put veneer on the outer edge of the fascia board, which covered the heads of the pins.

I vacuumed up the splinters that were on and around the work table. Now I am ready to make the next mess.

Today's favorite tool: hammer


MiniKat said...

Lookin' good! :-)

Mary said...

Ohhh, this photo shows off quite nicely the wooden floor that you made to look like individual planks!

Keep up the progress, it's looking great.

kathi said...

"Weather It" huh? Where can I find that stuff? I love how your siding looks! I want to do my deck floor the same way...