Saturday, April 25, 2009

Greenleaf Day 13 - still siding

No pictures today, since there was little progress today. This morning, I did glue a couple more strips of siding to the shack before we headed out shopping. Shopping took the whole afternoon.

Wednesday evening, our microwave oven quit working as a microwave, and transformed itself into a noisy producer of bad odors. We had to haul it outside, open windows, and turn on the fan to get rid of the smell of fried electronics. And I had to figure out how to finish heating dinner. The next day, Ed told me he had heard on the news that microwave ovens are no longer considered a necessity. I can live without a cell phone (ranked higher as a "necessity"), but I cannot imagine daily life without a microwave oven. When I cook, I often cook for 4 and we save half for the next day. Some things just re-heat better in the microwave. Anyway, we now have a new microwave oven, and we found it at the 7th store we visited. We checked 4 stores in town, then 3 stores in a town 35 miles away. We also bought some new shirts for Ed at a store that is closing. We got a pair of socks for me. Like I need more socks. Then we went to the pet store and picked up a 6-month supply of cat litter (refills are cheaper than new tubs of litter, but are not an option at our local store), we stopped for lunch/dinner, then we came home. (Tonight, we will probably watch a DVD and eat microwave popcorn.) Overall a good day, but I didn't get much time to work on my shack!

Today's favorite tool:
purse-sized tape measure, for measuring microwave ovens in stores


MiniKat said...

Our microwave did that to us last September. Then the new one died hree days later. I hope you have beter luck!

Anonymous said...

Luv your feature 'Today's favourite tool' thats very very cool!
Yeah me thinks microwave is one up from cellphone, still can't figure out the cellphone....yeah I'm strange
Carry on...
hee hee