Sunday, April 26, 2009

Greenleaf Day 14 - siding

Today I spent quite a bit more time cutting and gluing siding to the shack. I decided to cover the back wall areas with the siding too, and it takes a while to cut the pieces around the arch, since there is a curve at both the top and the bottom of each of those pieces. Siding is also going on the small second floor wall. I want to get that part done before I start working on the interior walls, since I run the tape around the piece of wall and it is likely to ruin any finish that I would have on the inside wall.

I also started to age the siding. I am using a product called "Weather It". Model railroaders use it. It isn't a stain, but creates a chemical reaction with the wood. I like it because it has no odor, and there is no extra finishing to do. I like the resulting color, which is kind of a silvery gray with a hint of green. Since I knew I would be using this product, I could not seal the before gluing it to the walls, which may have helped with the warping. However, if any boards have minor warps when I am done, it will be a good thing, because they will look even more weathered.

In this picture, the wood is darker than it will be, since it was still wet when I grabbed the camera.

I have been thinking for days about what color I want to paint the trim that will go around the windows and doors, or if I should cut new trims and weather them too. The plywood pieces in the kit are darker than the birch siding, so I don't think it will look right to use them and not paint them. Plus, the pieces are from both of the sheets of wood in the kit, and with my kit one sheet is a lot darker than the other. Any color suggestions are welcome.

Today's favorite tool: Small 3x4 inch metal square rule (it is in the picture in the lower left hand corner, sitting on top of another ruler)


MiniKat said...

Since I don't know what you're doing with the shack (don't tell me until the contest is over! ;-) ) I can only take a stab in the dark...

I think painting your existing trim would look good, but only if you did something to age/weather it, like crakling it or washing over with grey or black. It would not look right against the nicely weathered siding that you've put on the sides if the paint was "fresh and crisp."

If you want to have the trim match the siding, I would definitely cut new trim and treat it to match.

I will say that I am 99% sure that I am painting my trim and aging it along with my siding.

Btw... I wonder how many people are going to use aged siding on this project. I did. Then you did. And another person I know did. I went back and looked at the sample on Greenleaf's webpage. It's aged siding.

I think it was a subliminal effect on all of us. ;-)

kathi said...

I'm kinda liking the look of this aged siding. Thanks for the tips!
I might just do my floors/deck/porch or roof like this? Still thinking, still planning here!