Thursday, April 16, 2009

Greenleaf Day 4 - walls

I had the day off from work today, so I played earlier than usual.

I put stain on the other floor. Both floors are staying in the garage until they are dry and no longer stink. Having warmer weather helps when building dollhouses, since the garage can become a workspace for using products that produce unhealthy fumes.

In my workroom, I can keep on working on the shack. Most of my wood pieces are full of worm holes. These holes will be on the inside walls, which I plan on painting, so I decided to fill them with wood putty.

The putty is a powder that is mixed with water. After it was mixed, I used my fingers to push and smear it into all the holes.

There were lots of holes to fill! After it is dry, I will sand it smooth.

While the putty dried, I got out the strips of siding, which I bought for the project, and I sanded enough pieces to cover most of the structure. The pieces will be cut to the correct lengths when I apply it to the walls. If I need more, I will sand more later.

Today's favorite tool: sanding block


MiniKat said...

Yay sanding block! ;-)

Mary said...

Staining is probably my least favorite aspect of making houses so far; still wishing for an odor and fumeless stain!