Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Today was a fun day! The weather was summery, so it was a good day to go out.

We went to the quilt show. The place was packed, and there were more quilts there than last year. There were more vendors too. I suspect that the lower gas prices have helped attendance by both the vendors and the people who like to ooh and ahh at quilts.

I didn't spend too much this year. I showed restraint and bought only 11 fat quarters (buy 10, get one free) at Lyle's. I always buy stuff at their booth. They always have great batiks and fun novelty prints. The proprietor thanked me for the advertising-- he noticed that I was carrying one of their canvas bags.

I saw two of my favorite people at the quilt show--Dr. Naskali, and Judy C. Judy C was in my miniature club, when we still had a club. She told me that she is quilting now. (And still doing minis.)

After we were done viewing quilts and buying fat quarters, we headed over to the Hemp Fest. It was essentially like a smaller version of the Ren fair, which will be in May. (Fewer booths, and the attire of the attendees was different.) I bought a new t-shirt from Tye Dye Everything. I bought a shirt from them years ago, but I don't wear it anymore because it is frayed around the edges. The new one I bought has the same colors, but the pattern is done in a spiral, instead of a 'V'. The colors are very much "Alice" colors.

I talked Ed into buying me a necklace. It has a gorgeous glass pendant, and it hangs from hemp cord.


MiniKat said...

Hehe. We have the same colors. :-)

Mary said...

If you've seen the movie "Coraline" the colors and the pattern are almost exactly like the tunnel that goes into the house's wall.