Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Greenleaf Day 9 - foundation

There are no pictures today, since there is nothing to see.

Today, I mixed up some dollhouse stucco and I textured around the whole base of the shack. Instead of running the siding boards all the way down to the bottom of the shack, where they would rot if they were touching real ground, I decided the structure will sit on a 'concrete' foundation. The stucco can look rough like concrete. I will put a couple coats of grey paint on it too, since it will make it more durable. I put the first coat of paint on it after the stucco dried. There may be time to do another coat later today.

Since there was fresh stucco on the shack most of the day, I could not do much else with it. So, I had time to made a card today for this week's TCPTUES challenge. (See previous post.) I missed the challenge last week because it required a stamp set which I don't have.

Today's favorite tool: Hmmm, blue painter's tape, again! This time for masking, not for clamping. :-)

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MiniKat said...

Don't you love waiting on stuff to dry? ;-)