Friday, April 24, 2009

Greenleaf Day 12 - rafters, siding, back wall

Today I glued the 'rafters' in place, attached more siding, and adhered the back wall in place. I also glued the small second floor wall--in this picture, it is clamped in place. The short wall helps stabilize the back wall. I could have glued the back wall in place earlier, but I knew I would be twisting and turning the shack many times while I was attaching siding, and I did not want to risk damaging it.

When I attached the rafters, I first clamped a long piece of square tubing under the overhangs on the front and back walls to serve as a guide. This allowed the rafters to all be glued at the same height, and kept them square to the wall. I don't know how many times I have used this chunk of aluminum tubing as a tool. It usually lives in the garage, and used to be part of something that the Nerd built.

I have only 3 more pieces of siding to add to the front wall!

Today's favorite tool: 1 x 1 x 17 inch piece of square aluminum tubing


Mary said...

Reading all your project progress makes me want to go out and buy some clamps at Home Depot!

MiniKat said...

I really need to buy some clamps one of these centuries. The tubing looks like it would be very useful. Hmm...