Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Greenleaf Day 16 - lower floor interior walls

There are pictures, since there is nothing new to show.

Today I worked out the design of the cabinet that will go in the corner of the lower floor. The cabinet will be built into the shack. Not only will it help furnish the room, but it will cover the hole in the floor that I made to accommodate the jack for wiring. I need to buy some basswood. Hopefully, the local Michaels store will have what I need.

I also started to paint/texture the walls on the lower floor. I covered the floor with paper to protect it from any wayward paintbrushes. I also covered the part of the wall where the cabinet will be, since there is no need to texture that area.

I think I will cut narrower trims for the door and windows. The half-inch wide strips just seem too large to me.

Today's favorite tool: CAD software (ancient, not fancy, was inexpensive, and it has been serving me well for years)

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