Monday, April 20, 2009

Greenleaf Day 8 - glue, glue, glue

Today I glued the upper floor and side walls in place, plus the short strip that holds up the floor in the back. I used blue painter's tape to hold most of pieces in place while the glue set. It didn't occur to me to go out to the garage to find big-project clamps to use.

The glue bottle said to clamp things for 30 minutes. I waited longer. The glue bottle also says to not put strain on the joints for 24 hours. So, I will try to keep my hands off the thing until tomorrow.

While the shack was sitting there, I decided to try the lights to see how they will look. Here is a 7-second movie clip. (And a great shot through the door of a wadded up Kleenex. oops)

Today's favorite tool: Blue Painter's tape.


Mary said...

Lights, camera, action! Very cool flourescent fixture; quite different from standard minis.

Oh, Alice, I visited your older posts and noticed that you mentioned "Sue Heaser" molds for doll faces and hands. I tried to find them on Google but failed. May I ask where might locate them?

MiniKat said...

Looking good! :-)