Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greenleaf Day 7 - ceiling light, ceiling, and glue

Today I glued the "fluorescent" light fixture into the hole I had cut in the ceiling. Since it was not a snug fit, I glued some scrap pieces of wood around it too. (Not shown in picture.)

I cut a piece of of wire long enough to reach from the attic space where the fixture will be, down the wall, and across the floor. I used tacky glue to stick it into the groove I cut in the wall earlier. I used blue masking tape to hold it in place until the glue dried. The wire will be hidden under the door trim. It was easier to add it now than it will be later. The wire will be connected to the lights at a later time--probably when other connections are made, but certainly before the roof goes on. It will be awhile!

Next, I started to texture and paint the ceiling for the main floor. I tore pieces of tissue (Kleenex) into pieces and used a paintbrush to pounce the paint and tissue onto the ceiling. This is a quick and easy way to add texture to ceilings and walls. More paint will be added with a foam paintbrush after the paint dries.

I also glued the floor to the front wall. It shall stay in clamps until tomorrow. I clamped it to a piece of particle board. The board is smooth and level, and I can set the whole thing aside without disturbing things too much.

Today's favorite tool: foam paintbrush


MiniKat said...

You and your fancy clamps! I used masking tape. ;-) [I have clamp envy. ;-) ]

Mary said...

That's a clever way of adding texture! I look at the earlier photos and those are interesting-looking lightbulbs--never seen them for minis before.