Friday, April 17, 2009

Greenleaf Day 5 - lights and floors

Much to my surprise, my HBS order arrived today. I have lights and doornobs! It seems strange to have parts ready and waiting for me, instead of me ready and waiting for parts. I figured I had enough things to work on to get me through this weekend and at least half of next week, before I needed the lights.

After I stained the floors (yesterday and the day before) I added more stain to parts of the floor. I used Minwax stain markers over some of the embossed "boards" here and there, so that the floor looks more like it was made up of individual floor boards, instead of it being created from one piece. I did the extra staining to both floors, but it is more obvious with the darker floor. Compare it to the picture of the floor from day 3's post.

BTW, I did not emboss and stain the entire second story floor, since some of it will not show when the project is complete.

Today, I started to put varnish on the floors. I also cut out pieces of basswood to build the box that will hold my "recessed fluorescent light fixture", which will be inserted in the rectangular hole that you can see in the picture.

Today's favorite tool: Miterbox (and saw)

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MiniKat said...

Looking really good! Not that I'm complaining, but are you doing a card this week? ;-)