Thursday, April 23, 2009

Greenleaf Day 11 - rafters and siding

On the left-hand side of the shack, the roof has an overhang. There will be a board glued to the outside edge of the overhang, and the roof will sit on top of it. I think that it looks a bit flimsy since it will be supported only at the ends at the front and back of the shack. I have decided to add more "rafters". They will be visible if you look up at the overhang from the the "ground". I like adding a few extra details like this to make the project more my own. Plus, I didn't even have to go out and buy any extra stuff to do it!

To make the rafters, I made a trapezoid template the same shape as the overhangs on the the front and back walls. I used the template to cut 3 pieces of wood from the scrap pieces that were left over after punching out the die-cut parts. Since they are made from the plywood, I figured they would not stain the same as the siding, so I decided to cover them with the siding material. I am essentially covering them with veneer, so that is what I shall call the siding wood for this application.

I started by gluing a narrow piece of veneer to the bottom edges of the 3 rafters I had cut, as well as the bottoms of the overhangs on the front and back walls. After the glue was set, It trimmed and sanded the veneer so that it was flush. Then I glued veneer to the sides of the pieces. (The siding was too narrow to cover the sides with one piece, so I had to have a seam in the veneer.) So, except for the areas where the rafter pieces will be glued to something else, the rafters have been encased in veneer. It should give the shack a more finished look, plus make it look a bit more structurally sound.

While I was making and covering rafters, I cut and glued more siding to the walls of the shack.
Cut, glue, tape, wait. Repeat.

Today's favorite tool: I'm still lovin' my blue painter's tape!

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MiniKat said...

I would buy stock in blue painter's tape if I could. We go through it alot.