Monday, April 13, 2009


When I opened the mailbox today, I found a pile of bank statements, a magazine, and a catalog, but underneath it all was a package! Minikat had told me to expect something soon, but I didn't expect that something to be here today!

Inside the package was a pretty card with a hand-written note. I love notes written out by hand. Handwriting is so seldom seen anymore!

After reading and being intrigued by Kat's note, I opened a small paperclip box. Omigosh! An exquisite red velvet cake! Complete with layers and frosting and decorative elements on top! My mouth actually watered when I saw it! Included was also a perfectly-formed teapot. I am Fimo-challenged, so I am in awe of Kat's talents.

Earlier, I had told Kat that I have a quilt shop in the works. I have a feeling that Kat would like to see me work on that quilt shop, because she sent me some bolts of fabric and batting. Perfect! I can always use bolts of fabric, and I hadn't gotten around to making packages of batting yet. I even have a space in the shop reserved for batting, so I can mark some things off my 'to make' list.

Thank you, Kat! You made getting the mail extra special today.

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MiniKat said...

You are very welcome! Now get in there and play! ;-)