Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happiness is....

Happiness is finding a package in the mail from a friend!

When I opened my mailbox today, I was delighted to find a key to one of the parcel lockers, which meant I had a package. The package was tubular, and when I saw it was from Kat, I knew exactly what it was.

(Envision me skipping with joy to the house, waving the package like a baton. Well, okay, so I didn't actually skip, but I am sure I had a big grin on my face.)

I haven't been near my worktable for weeks and weeks until today, when I placed the cylindrical surprise upon it to take this photograph.

You can see that I left a mess. At the time I stopped working on the contents of my shack, I had every intention of getting back to it the very next day. It really does look like a mess to me instead of "the evidence of creativity". However, the contents of the tube may contain the motivation I need to get back to working on the shack!

(Insert drum roll here.)

It is a piece of corrugated cardboard! And it matches my cardboard roof pieces perfectly. (Mine has been painted, so of course the color is different right now.)

Kat decided she was going to use something metallic for her Greenleaf's roof. She offered to send me her large piece of roofing since she had no need for it. I did and do want it, since it is big enough to cover the short roof area, with the ribs going the right way! I had pondered over and ranted about the design error on Day 28 and Day 41 when I was building the shack. By the way, I never did hear back from Greenleaf about obtaining another piece of roofing. Either Greenleaf ignored my question, or the reply was deleted as spam.

I plan on letting the new piece of cardboard relax for a day. It remembers being wound up in the tube. Kat shipped it the best way possible, since it arrived in perfect shape. I hope to clear off the table and get the new piece cut to size, then I can paint it and get it glued to the shack! If the shack has a roof, it will be more noticeable that there are no contents yet!

Thank you, Kat! You made my day! My shack probably thanks you too! After all, it is your fault I ordered the kit. (Blame, credit, it is all the same when it comes to enabling other miniaturists!)


Mary said...

Hats off to Kat! Now the "rain" can roll of the roof properly.

MiniKat said...

It's the least I could do, since it's my fault you got the kit in the first place. ;-)

Glad it got there in one piece. I'm glad I sprung for the tube. :-)

kathi said...

Love your "evidence of creativity!"
My desk, kitchen counter and dining room table look just like this!
I'm working on the roof of my dollhouse too. Come on over and check it out! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your delightful package from Kat.