Tuesday, July 14, 2009

...somethings old

When my parents downsized two years ago, Ed helped clear out Dad's shop. Dad got to keep a few of his hand tools, but most of his things were given away. Some small power tools were set aside for my nephew, and Ed took some stuff too, of course. When Ed was tinkering in the garage a couple of weekends ago, he came across some of the things he had brought home.

Little boxes can be fun to open! Let's look inside!

The Dremel box contains....

a Dremel!

This one looks very similar to Ed's Dremel, but Ed's tool is not variable speed. The copyright date on the booklet says '82, so this tool is not all that old. It also explains why Dad asked me if Ed's Dremel was variable speed when I talked about using it. Ed does have a speed controller, which the dremel plugs into, so I thought that is what was meant by 'variable speed when Dad asked about it. I had not realized that Ed's Dremel was inferior!


The contents of the burgundy box contains....

An old moto tool! I am not sure how old this thing is. It is not a Dremel brand, but I cannot figure out what brand it is because most of the label has been worn off, and the letters that do remain on the label don't fit the name, Dremel.

Gosh, the old box is so much cooler than the modern plastic ones. My moto tool came in a blister pack. Ya get whatcha pay for. I was wondering how to store the bits and pieces that came with my moto tool, and I considered making a little box to hold them.


This brings us to the next boxes. They look handmade, and look like things my dad would have built.

Remove the paper sleeve, swing open the lid....


All those bits so neatly organized! And he even sized the box to hold a little tin and a little box that hold little wheels and such.

The box is made of balsa.

My idea to make a container to hold my fake Dremel's bits shows that wanting to make little boxes to hold stuff must be a genetic trait.

Below is another example of a custom-made box to hold tools.

These boxes sure beat having tools rolling around in the bottom of a drawer! Those drill bits are dangerous!

I will share more of Dad's tools in a later post. We are waiting on some new parts for one of them. :-)


kathi said...

Oh my goodness! What a treasure!
Do you know that those little Dremel bits are really expensive!?
You will have so much fun creating with these!

MiniKat said...

Such treasures! Very cool!

MiniKat said...

There's an award for you over on my blog. ;-)