Wednesday, July 22, 2009

shack roof attachment

Last week, I worked on the Shack's roof. While the paint was drying on the new section, I glued some strips of siding to the overhang, so that when little people look up at the overhang from the ground, they will see wood, not the backside of the cardboard roofing. I also attached a piece of wood, cut from the kit's die-cut leftovers, to make a little brace to help support the roof and keep it from sagging in the middle.

A funny thing is that I cut and stained pieces of wood for the overhang, and while they were drying, I looked for the window trims I knew I had cut and stained earlier. I found that I had aready cut and stained some wood for the overhang too, but I had not glued it to the shack yet! This is why projects should not sit neglected for too long! A person forgets where she left off! Oh well, it wasn't a big waste of time, and I didn't waste a lot of wood by making two sets of the same thing.

I also glued the big curved roof to the shack.

Of course, I had to use clamps. I stuck skewers through the corrugations in the areas I used the clamps to keep from smashing the corrugations. I also was reminded why I had not glued the upper window 'glass' and trims in place, since the window opening served as a good place to position clamps.


Mary said...

"little people" is a great synonym for dolls!

kathi said...

Those are some fancy clamps you've got there! Roof looks great!

MiniKat said...

Looking good!