Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sea breeze and silver necklace

This necklace started out as something different, then changed directions as I worked on it.

The glass beads are from a set I picked up at Michaels for $2.00. The box had some ugly silver beads but the glass ones looked nice. For this necklace, the beads are strung on eye pins, which are joined together. Half way up, the seed beads are strung on regular beading wire.

I never had luck bending wires into loops in the past. Then I purchased the correct tool... round nose pliers. Boy, what a difference the right tool can make! I love my new chain nose pliers too.

Pretty soon, I plan to work on the necklace with the pendant that I was going to use for this one before I changed my mind.

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Anonymous said...

Luv the color of the beads you chose, lovely necklace