Monday, July 27, 2009

shack roof done

I finally got the short roof glued to the shack!

And the upper window and trim is glued in place too!

See how real it looks, with the ribs running the correct direction?

If a 1/12th scale person stands under the edge of the roof and it rains, the little person will get wet, since the water will run off the roof, instead of pooling up on the roof and seeping into places it should not. :-)

The exposed rafters may be a good place to attach some hanging flower baskets. Hmmm....

I didn't show this before, but this is how I did the upstairs ceiling. I glued the strips from a bamboo place mat to pieces of card stock, pulled out the strings that held the mat together, and cut the strips to length to fit between the front and back walls snugly. I painted the strips then glued them to the shack.

I wanted a smooth transition between the walls and the ceiling, and I think I obtained my goal. I did not want to simply wallpaper or paint the underside of the corrugated roof piece, since there would be little ledges at the tops of the side walls. If you look the pictures from my previous post, you can see little spacers glued on tops of the walls, and they are glued outside of the ceiling. At the side edges of the roof, there is a 1/8" space between the ceiling and the roof. At the top, the ceiling and roof do touch each other. I fussed with and adjusted the curve of the ceiling so that the spacing of the slats was even and there were no big gaps.

The shack is ready for occupancy.

Building was fun. The accessorizing will be less fun. I have some tricky things to create from scratch.


kathi said...

The shack looks great! Love the roof! I just did the same thing with a place mat in my beach house. I didn't think of removing the strings. Your ceiling is fantastic!
I like the weathered boards on the siding too. How did you do that?

Mary said...

I was thinking about covering the attic ceiling for my gypsy's quarters with a bamboo mat, too! Only, I'm going to age the mat with brown acrylic paint and add rafters to try to get a Elizabeathan look.

The blue trim and roof works very nicely with the silvery boards treated with Weather-It!

MiniKat said...

Fantastic! Love the blue on the roof pieces. :-)