Tuesday, July 28, 2009

gold leopard beaded necklace

I purchased a gold leopard pendant at Michaels in June when it went on sale.

When we were out of town for a funeral later that month, we went to a big Jo Ann store to look for some stuff for Ed, and while we were there, I looked at beads. I found some wood tubes on clearance. After we returned home, I purchased the small round wood beads to compliment the tubes. After completing the leopard necklace, I had plenty of beads left over, so I made a second necklace that can be worn with the one with the pendant, or worn separately.

The pendant looks like copper in the photo, but it is an antiqued gold color. Ed told me that he likes the "back" side (shown above) of the pendant better than the "front" side (shown below). When the pendant was attached to a card for display, the shiny side was showing. The "back" side has a texture to it, and I think I like it better too, but both look good.

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MiniKat said...

Very pretty! :-)