Monday, August 3, 2009

Swanky surprise

Alma surprised me today, by announcing that I am the Swanky Stamper of the Month for August!

Do you remember this card? I wasn't sure how it would be received, although I had fun making it and I liked it when it was done. Kat liked it, and her husband liked it, and fellow stampers Carole and Carol liked it, and my DH grunted at it like he does with most cards I make. Well, Alma liked it too! She liked it enough to give me her August award. I already sent her a note, telling her what I want with my Cat's Cash gift.

I think it is neat that one of the cards I had the most fun making was a card that other people liked too.


Mary said...

Congratulations, Alice, you did it again! I do remember this winning card because initially I had felt "poor lil' squirrel, he looks so happy and doesn't realize he's target practice!" Maybe it's because he resembles my hamster :-P

toners said...

HUGE congratulations to you, Alice!! This is very well-deserved! Thanks for being such a loyal TCP Tuesday player! :)

carole (TruCarMa) said...

Congratulations, Alice! I *LOVED* this card -- you definitely deserve to be our Swanky Stamper!!!

MiniKat said...

Congrats! You deserve it for the absolute amount of creativity in that card. :-)