Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dragonfly necklace

I am still playing with beads. Here is a necklace I made earlier this month.

It started with a dragonfly pendant. Two of the dragonflies came in the package, so I can make another necklace with the other one, if I want.

I added a dragonfly charm to one side. I had two charms on the necklace at first--one on each side, but I removed one, since I think that asymmetrical designs can be more interesting, especially when the elements represent something living. Dragonflies land where they want to land, not where we want them to be. The toggle clasp is a dragonfly shape too.

I made links of seed beads and silver beads, and I connected them with jump rings to repeat the shape of the rings on the ends of the dragonfly wings.


Mary said...

I must resist starting yet another new craft! Beading looks fun though...........

Anonymous said...

Lovely necklace and pretty dragonfly...the last days of summer