Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow Pictures

It snowed last Friday, then it turned to rain, and it made everything sticky. The next morning, all the trees were covered with snow. Ed and I took these pictures on Saturday. (Click on them to see them bigger.)

Neighbor's maples.

Our 'back' yard.

Up the street. The city has been keeping up very well with plowing!

Looking at our yard and down the street. The big pile of snow in front was snow that was on the driveway across the street. Someone plows that driveway (which is long and steep) and the stuff gets pushed across the street and up against our curb.

It stayed cold all day, so the snow stayed on the trees instead of melting and slipping off.

Where our house is situated, on the east side of a hill, we never see sunsets. However, we sometimes get a sunset reflected back to us. With all the snow on the trees, the trees on the next hill (to the east, and a bit north) look like they are on fire. This show lasted only a few minutes, then the trees on the hill were in the shadows too.


MiniKat said...

That sunset is probably the coolest thing I have seen all day. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Natalie said...

Extraordinary! Great shot!

Jenny Gropp said...

what a neat picture!!!