Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let it Snow

We had around 6 inches of snow on Monday. It has been so cold that it doesn't compact much.

There is a neat drift on our roof. We think the wind must have been blowing from the east to get the snow to form like this. (This is the northwest corner of the house.)

I waded out into the backyard yesterday and shook some snow off the Mugo Pines. Some branches were laying on the ground again. The shrubs are still tied up with ropes from last year, so hopefully we will have less snow damage this year. Time will tell.

Since I have been shoveling lots of snow lately, and I have to walk in it every day, I have been enjoying my new snow boots.

I love my Yaktrax! How did I ever live without them? I leave them on my boots most of the time, unless I am walking indoors at work or I am in a store. (Yaktrax are easy to remove, but they don't fall off my boots by themselves.) I know that other people wear Yaktrax on their boots too, since I see lots of the characteristic X's in the snow when I am out walking.

1 comment:

MiniKat said...

Wow. The snow did do interesting things around your house. I'm so going to suggest the Yaktrax to my hubby.