Saturday, December 20, 2008

Early Christmas gift for Da Boyz

While shopping at the mall last weekend, we stopped by the local animal shelter's booth. We usually make some sort of donation, after all this shelter is where Tigger and Pooh found us!

We bought tickets for a drawing, and we also purchased a bowl of cat grass. I made Ed pay more for the grass than the price they were asking.

When we brought it home I set it on the floor. Tigger rubbed his face in it, and purred. We picked leaves off it to feed to him at first, but both cats are figuring out how to bite leaves by themselves. They are indoor cats, so they don't have all that much experience with lawns.

Maybe Pooh will leave the spider plant alone, now that he has grass to eat. This plant had long leaves before Thanksgiving. Pooh must have been bored while we were gone, and no one was home to get after him for jumping on the counter, so he pruned the spider plant. I assume it was Pooh. It could have been Tigger too, but I can't blame Tigger for everything that happens in the house.

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The cat grass looks