Friday, December 19, 2008

Wrapping gifts

On Monday, I wrapped all the gifts we had to ship.

Tigger had to help. I didn't grab my camera in time, due to a bad case of the giggles, but Tigger had stuck his head in a gift bag which was full of foam peanuts. When he backed out of the bag, a handle on the bag hooked around his neck. When he sat up, he was wearing the bag and the foam peanuts cascaded around him. Ed had to help him get out of his predicament.

These are most of the gifts I wrapped. I stamped and colored all the little gift tags this year.

For my parents:

For my sister and her family:

1 comment:

MiniKat said...

We didn't have any help with wrapping this year. But a bunny did get stuck in a shoe.

How wounded was Tigger's dignity? ;-)