Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Ornaments

These are ornaments I scroll sawed. In a previous post, I showed the ornaments I made this year, plus the ones from 2001-2004. These are the ones I made in 2005, 2006, 2007, and I took another picture of this year's ornament.

2005 Canarywoood

2006 Padauk

2007 Maple

2008 Cherry

MiniKat asked if I had used zebrawood yet, and the answer is no, not yet. I need to find a source for more wood, since I have used all the different kinds I had purchased. Zebrawood may very well be one of the fun new woods I order. So far, my favorite of all the ornaments is the Padauk guitar. The wood is such a rich, lovely color, and it was a pleasure to cut.


MiniKat said...

The Woodcraft store is where I get my fine hardwoods. I have yet to pick up a piece of zebrawood, but it's on my list. I have gotten paduk, bubinga, and purpleheart there before and been quite happy with them.

Anonymous said...

You are so talented Alice.