Monday, March 9, 2009

Tree of Life

Yesterday, I finally framed a project that has been in the works for years.

This Tree of Life crewel embroidery was a Dimensions kit, dated 1981. Mom and I both liked it when we saw it, so Mom purchased it and we both worked on it. We lost momentum, and the thing sat incomplete and untouched for years. I saw it at my parents' house a number of years ago, so I took it and let it sit at my house for another decade. I finally got it out and finished it, perhaps a year or so ago.

Click the images to see them bigger.

The project sat again, until I found a frame in a style I liked that would fit it. I decided it needed to be matted, so I could put it behind glass, but I could not find a mat the right size. I could have had a framer do it for me, but I have too much frugal German blood in me. So, I cut a 14 x 18 inch hole in 16 x 20 inch a mat that was sized for an 11 x 14 photo. The edges of the mat are not beveled, but I don't think anyone is going to walk up to it and say, "Hey doofus, the edges of this mat are perpendicular, not beveled!" Actually, Ed examined the edges closely, and gave his seal of approval. He knows how hard it is to cut mat board, and he understood when I told him I had used 4 new razor blades to do it.

Here are two close-ups:

I love that there is a kitty in the tree.

The critters are not in scale with each other. This should bother me, but it doesn't.

After a quarter of a century, I still like this Tree of Life!


MiniKat said...

What a lovely piece of needlework! You and your mother did a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the close up pictures, really lovely & whimiscal, luv the birds nest, birds, cat, rabbit and other cute critters.
The colors are bright and cheerful.