Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rhodonite necklace

Sometimes when I am in a store, something will catch my eye and I will say, "Oooh, pretty". That happened when I saw a string of rhodonite beads at Michaels.

My local store was re-arranging the beading section, and most of the displays were empty. I went into the store, hoping to find beads for a different project, but the pickings were pretty slim. I did, however, look at what was available, and a string of pinkish stone beads caught my eye. So, they went home with me, even though I didn't know what I wanted to do with them.

Later, I learned that these are rhodonite beads, not rhodenite beads, which was the name on tag. No matter how the name is spelled, the mineral is supposed to soothes the nervous system. This gemstone vibrates with love. Just holding this gemstone promotes relaxation and brings a sense of well-being. Hmmm. Maybe the beads really were speaking to me in the store and that there was no way to leave 'em once I held them in my hand. Good thing I had a coupon!

Rhodonite is also supposed to be a balance gemstone and is used to clear the psychic centers. Whatever. I just wanted to turn 'em into a necklace.

I looked through my tiny stash of beads at home, and was able to pair them with some glass 'hematite' bicone beads I had purchased on clearance a couple of years ago. I kind of like the warmth of the rose tones with the mystery and coolness of the dark grey.

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