Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mystic Attic Interior details

Here are some pictures of the interior of my Mystic Attic room box. You can click on any photo to see it bigger.

The items on this table give some indication of who lives in this room. The hairbrush, comb, and mirror are by Chrysnbon. The perfume bottles and vase of roses are very special to me, since they were made and given to me by Flo Jaster, who wanted to thank me for helping her with something. I have never met Flo face-to-face, but I feel blessed to be her friend.

The drawers in the table open. The pulls are made from inexpensive earrings. The zodiac poster on the wall is a printout of a poster I had found somewhere online.

The room box is electrified, and the lamp on this table is one of the lights that works.

This is how I wired the lamp so that no wires would show. The lamp is a permanent part of the table, and the plug is part of the table. When the table is slid in place, the plug lines up perfectly with some eyelets in the wall, which connect to wires behind the wall.

Here you can see what is behind that wall. I made the roof removable so that I could make all the wire connections in the 'stairwell', and still access the wires. Ed added some resistors so that the lights in the fireplace would not be as bright as the lamps in the room. We can also add a flickering circuit to the system sometime in the future, and the circuit board will fit in the stairwell and not be seen.

Most of the wires run down to the floor and under the room box.

The crystal ball on the table is wired in a similar manner as the table lamp, however, the eyelets are in the floor and the table is plugged into the floor.

On the table are the tools of the occupant's trade. Or, maybe it is just her hobby. Feel free to think about who you imagine lives in this room. I think she is young, since her linens are lighthearted and fun, but she could just be young at heart.

The crystals are real quartz crystals. I dug them out of the ground in Montana. My dad was a rock hound, so some family vacations were spent digging in dirt.

I am not sure what the tarot reading indicates. I picked the cards at random, and didn't figure out if it was a good reading or not!

I almost always include a cat in my room box projects. (The cat, and the Chrynbon stuff and the items made by Flo are the only things I did not make for this room box.) This cat is named Tabitha, and she is thinking about jumping on the bed, but she might land on the ouija board if she is not careful. When my 'local' club still existed, one of the members showed us how to make ouija boards.

In this picture, you can also see the fireplace.

A couple other things of note in this roombox are: The interior walls were textured by smushing torn Kleenex tissues onto the walls with the paint. The folding chairs are my own design, and they really fold. The fire place plugs into the floor, similar to the way the tables do. I did this so that bulbs could be replaced, should they ever burn out. Even the fire plugs into the floor so it can be removed. I never did quite finish this project, since the mantle is bare and there is no clutter in the corners. If I ever find the right accessories, I can always add them.

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MiniKat said...

Fantastic! I love you plug hiding solutions! The lamp on the table is great. :-)