Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spokane workshop progress

I am making progress with my canopy bed.

Monday, I drilled holes in the bedframe, which will hold strings which will hold the mattress. I glued the headboard to the frame.

I got out the chest kit and sanded all the parts except for the drawer parts.

Tuesday, I stained the pieces I had sanded, then later in the day I glued two posts to the bed frame and I started to assemble the chest.

Wednesday, I glued the other posts to the bed, assembled more chest pieces, then I sanded the drawer fronts and marked and drilled holes for the drawer pulls. The marks on the templates I was supposed to use did not line up with the hardware that came with the kit, so I made new templates. It is always a good idea to trial-fit what you can when working with these kits.

There is the bed in clamps, and the base of the chest. The base of the chest is held together with some of my favorite clamps...clothes pins! Notice that some of the clothes pins have been altered. If you take apart a clothes pin and flip the wood pieces around backwards, it makes a better clamp because it concentrates the pinching force at the very tip.

I am using cherry stain. I love using the Minwax stain markers for little projects, but I decided to use stain out of a can for this project. I purchased this stain for another project. I started another furniture project years ago, stained two pieces, lost momentum, and I do not remember which stain I used! I think it might have been Minwax Cherry stain, since I found a can of it in the basement along with our other stains and the other stains were definately not what I used. I wanted to see if the stain matches the stain on the project I started earlier, and what is a better test than to use it on the same kind of wood, basswood. What is weird is that this stain does seem to match the old stained piece, at leas stain on the bed does. On the chest pieces, the color is not the same! I guess that each tree is an individual, so each piece of wood will stain differently.

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