Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In the mood to create some dolls

I am in the mood to dress some dolls. I have some children in mind. I think I have a couple of porcelain kits for children tucked away, but these dolls will not be elegant, so I decided to create my dolls from scratch from Fimo Classic. I 'sculpted' and baked body parts yesterday. DH was impressed, but less impressed when I reminded him that I have face and hand molds from Sue Heaser. It still takes time to shape the heads and the rest of the body parts.

Today I painted the faces and assembled the dolls. The limbs are made of chenille wires. The wires allow the dolls to be posed. Often with clay dolls, the the thighs and upper arms are also made of clay tubes. I skipped this step, since these parts of the dolls will not show. If the limbs turn out too be too thin, I can always pad the upper arms and legs with cotton.

If you look closely at the the face on the right, you may get an idea of how this doll will be dressed.

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